Aquaponics The Easy Way To Grow Organic Vegetables

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Growing your own organic food is a dream that many would love to be able to live. But for most, it never happens. Growing a garden is a lot of work and takes up more time than most people have. Plus many people, especially those in the city, don’t have a fertile plot of land suitable for a garden. Aquaponics is changing this and promises to revolutionize the way many of us grow food.

Aquaponics takes most of the work out of gardening. Much of the work you actually do in a garden has little to do with the actual plants you are growing. More of it has to do with working with the soil, from conditioning to pulling weeds and the constant chore of keeping it wet. The other major chore, and often the most frustrating, is protecting your plants from pests. Putting out slug and snail bait, which sometimes works, earwigs, gophers, they take the fun out of gardening.

Aquaponics is a system that bypasses all of that and just focuses on growing plants. It does this by giving plants exactly what they need. It does this my putting fish to work for you. Yes, fish become the farmers and they will work for nothing but clean water and fish food.

Fish water is full of nutrients that plants love. This is what the filters in a home aquarium remove from the water. Instead of wasting these valuable nutrients, an aquaponics system circulates this fish water into a grow bed directly to your plants roots. The plants get all the nutrients and water they need, and the fish get water that is filtered by the plant roots and returned to their tank clean.

This is a win win for the plants, the fish, and for you. The plants and fish take care of each other, and you get fresh organic vegetables and fish. Tilapia and many other fish are very efficient at growing protein and are well known for being some of the most healthy foods you can eat. And you will know they come from a clean organic source. But if you don’t want to eat the fish, that is not a problem.

There is organic food available at the store, but you usually pay a premium for it. And just because the label says organic, often times doesn’t mean it is better, it just costs more. If you want to grow your own truly organic food, aquaponics makes it more practical for more people. You can grow many times more vegetables in a smaller space, plus fish. All this with much less time and work than just growing vegetables in the ground.